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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dental Assisting Skills

Dental Assistants have many responsibilities in the Dental Office.  These responsibilities range from helping the Dentist, treating the patient, completing paperwork, and taking payment. One of the most important skills an Assistant must have is the ability to communicate effectively with the patient about their oral health, nutrition, and home-care education.

The oral health of a person can affect their over-all health in many ways. Poor oral health of a pregnant woman and/or the existence of gum disease can contribute to premature birth. Gum disease has also been proven to increase heart problems due to the fact that gum disease allows bacteria to enter the blood stream.

As an Assistant, it is important to educate the patient on daily brushing and flossing. This may include teaching them the correct brushing techniques and effective ways to floss between teeth. If the patient is a child, it is important to educate the parent how to correctly brush their child's teeth so that the parent can then teach the child as they grow older.

Many people are not fully aware of how the foods they put in their mouths affect their teeth and gums.  The acidity of soda, energy drinks, and juices are commonly looked over.  It is important to feed yourself and your family the correct nutrition to avoid poor oral health.  For example, candy, soda, and juice can introduce sugars into the mouth and saliva, which can deteriorate enamel long after the liquid has been swallowed. Children should avoid drinking sugar-containing drinks before bed and should have vegetables and fruits in their diets along with a moderate amount of bread and cheeses. Adults should brush their teeth after eating and should drink a glass of water after soda or an energy drink to help rinse their mouths.

At Practical Dental Assisting of Utah, we train and educate each of our students in each of these skills and provide them the information to complete their jobs well. Our Dental Assisting School in Utah is one of the best for small class sizes and hands-on training in a functioning dental office. For more information, check out our website and call us today to schedule a tour! 801-369-1563

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