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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dental Assisting School in Utah County

Living in Utah County is wonderful! We love the abundance of nice people and children in the area. Due to the fairly common practice of having a large family, Pediatric Dentistry is one of the best career choices to choose from.  One of our instructors has over 5 years of experience in pediatric dental offices and had nothing but wonderful experiences!

As a Dental Assistant in a pediatric dental office one may expect to do the following:
  • Take X-rays on children of all ages. This can be tricky because the majority of young children are frightened of the dentist and often cry. Parents can often hold the child in their lap and coax them through the x-ray process. As an assistant you must learn soothing terminology and use words that children can understand such as calling the x-ray a photo and the x-ray tube the camera.
  • Complete tooth cleanings and flossing on many children throughout each work day. This task can be easily done with the newer offices installing televisions above the dental chairs as a distraction or offering kids prizes if they let us "tickle their teeth with our toothbrush." Many kids are frightened of the prophy angle and most are calmed down by touching the rubber end and tickling their finger with it as it spins. Once the fear is gone, they often open their mouths wide and look forward to prizes at the end of their visits.
  • Assist the dentist in daily dental procedures such as fillings, extractions, numbing injections, or tooth sealants. This will also require calming terminology such as "sleepy water" for the injections or "tooth bugs" when talking about cavities. Laughing gas can become a very necessary item to use on many children who need dental work done. The dentist will require you to be fast when handing him instruments or mixing cements or amalgam fillings.
  • Chart each procedure, condition, treatment, or clinical note in each child's file for accurate processing and use. Many offices use computer dental charting software instead of the written paperwork that has been so common. An Assistant must have knowledge of the dental system including how to navigate each page, chart correctly in the files, write clinical notes, schedule appointments, and discuss treatment listed to a parent or guardian.
At Practical Dental Assisting of Utah, our school teaches each student the necessary skills and tools needed in each and every profession. Internships at Pediatric and other specialty offices are highly encouraged. We offer 10 week courses with classes on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate busy Moms or Full-time workers. Check out our website or call us today for a free tour!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dental Assisting School

Dental Assisting is a very rewarding career and many find it an excellent job to meet with busy schedules. The average full-time dental assistant yearly income in Salt Lake City, Utah is $36,000.00. Dental Assistants are trained to give oral health instructions and educate patients on correct oral hygiene. Dental Assistants are expected to assist the dentist, while multitasking the sterilization and correct procedure set-ups throughout the day.
One of the things we learned in class today is Dental Radiology. Our students will receive their radiology tests next week and must be prepared! Our Students worked in our dental office and took several dental x-rays on their fellow students. Correct instruction is key to understanding horizontal and vertical angulation of the x-ray beam. Many of our students were able to achieve PERFECT Bite-wing and Periapical x-rays!! Congratulations ladies!

We are proud to teach and train all of our Dental Assisting Students on every skill and requirement they will meet in the dental field. Our Dental Assisting School in Utah County offers a wonderful class environment and hands-on training in our functioning dental office. Check out our website for more information or call today to schedule a tour! 801-369-1563

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dental Assisting Skills

Dental Assistants have many responsibilities in the Dental Office.  These responsibilities range from helping the Dentist, treating the patient, completing paperwork, and taking payment. One of the most important skills an Assistant must have is the ability to communicate effectively with the patient about their oral health, nutrition, and home-care education.

The oral health of a person can affect their over-all health in many ways. Poor oral health of a pregnant woman and/or the existence of gum disease can contribute to premature birth. Gum disease has also been proven to increase heart problems due to the fact that gum disease allows bacteria to enter the blood stream.

As an Assistant, it is important to educate the patient on daily brushing and flossing. This may include teaching them the correct brushing techniques and effective ways to floss between teeth. If the patient is a child, it is important to educate the parent how to correctly brush their child's teeth so that the parent can then teach the child as they grow older.

Many people are not fully aware of how the foods they put in their mouths affect their teeth and gums.  The acidity of soda, energy drinks, and juices are commonly looked over.  It is important to feed yourself and your family the correct nutrition to avoid poor oral health.  For example, candy, soda, and juice can introduce sugars into the mouth and saliva, which can deteriorate enamel long after the liquid has been swallowed. Children should avoid drinking sugar-containing drinks before bed and should have vegetables and fruits in their diets along with a moderate amount of bread and cheeses. Adults should brush their teeth after eating and should drink a glass of water after soda or an energy drink to help rinse their mouths.

At Practical Dental Assisting of Utah, we train and educate each of our students in each of these skills and provide them the information to complete their jobs well. Our Dental Assisting School in Utah is one of the best for small class sizes and hands-on training in a functioning dental office. For more information, check out our website and call us today to schedule a tour! 801-369-1563

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dental Assisting School in Utah County

Some of our Dental Assisting Students and their Instructor
Dental Assistants have many job opportunities in the dental field. Dental Assisting is expected to be one of the highest growing occupations in the next 2 years. This is most likely due to a higher cultural and social emphasis on health. Many people understand that oral health has been shown to affect the health of their vital organs and their functions. We are excited to be training Dental Assistants and look forward to the future of a healthier country.

What does it take to be a Dental Assistant?

As a Dental Assistant, you will be expected to provide a variety of services. For example, a Dental Assistant will work very closely with the Dentist and must learn to assist him in each service or procedure done on a patient. The Assistant is expected to know how to sterilize the intruments and patient rooms, as well as set-up treatment areas and proper instruments for the procedures.

A Dental Assistant is expected to be an outgoing person with a comforting personality. It is the Assistants responsiblity to calm nervous patients, explain procedures, and create discussions that will distract the patients from their dental work.

In addition to all these tasks, a Dental Assistant may be required to perform lab work such as take molds of teeth and create stone models for various procedures. A Dental Assistant is also expected to know how to answer the phone, schedule appointments, and take payments from patients.

Our Dental Assisting School in Utah County has created a program that will teach each student the skills and training needed for any Dental Assisting job they  may encounter. We have excellent staff and instructors willing to take the time needed for individualized attention and are trained in many dental specialties. For more information, feel free to check out our website or call today to make an appointment for a tour and orientation. We are excited for you to join us in this amazing profession!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Choose Dental Assisting?

Career Options
Dental Assisting is a fun and exciting job with many career options to choose from. There are many different dental specialties to work within and various tasks to be done! Dental assisting can range from cleaning patients teeth, assisting the dentist, taking x-rays, working at the front desk, sterilizing, working with dental insurance, and much more! Dental specialties offer a variety of job options such as Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, or Endodontics. The choices are amazing! Assistants can choose whether they would like to work on kids, teenagers, or adults.

Flexible Work Schedules
Many dental offices are open 3 to 5 days per week. We have found that busy Moms are able to work part-time or full-time and many offices have hours that allow for parents to be home when their kids are. For those interested in a great job with flexible hours, Dental Assisting is for you!

Competitive Pay
Dental Assistants are a MUST in dental offices. There is always a need for an assistant and an extra pair of hands. Dentistry is also a necessary part of society for the interest of our over-all health. Job security is a large part of what makes dentistry such an appealing career choice; there will always be a need for Dental Assistants! Dentists usually enjoy training assistants to their own unique techniques and chosen office environment. The pay is above average in the workforce and for those willing to work, pay raises and bonuses are a definite plus!

Good Workplace Environment
The dental office is a professional environment that exists to offer dental services to patients. Assistants are expected to be happy, comforting people who help the patients relax and prepare for their dental work. Offices are typically fast-paced and goal-oriented which is great for those who despise boredom! Because dental work can be unpleasant for many patients, the staff are expected to be friendly, gentle, and professional. Dental offices are also very clean and orderly, requiring organized staff and proper training.

We offer many training courses in Dental Assisting, including fall classes in dental specialties and office management. For more information, visit our website or call our Dental Assisting Utah County office today to schedule a tour!