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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dental Assisting School in Utah County

Living in Utah County is wonderful! We love the abundance of nice people and children in the area. Due to the fairly common practice of having a large family, Pediatric Dentistry is one of the best career choices to choose from.  One of our instructors has over 5 years of experience in pediatric dental offices and had nothing but wonderful experiences!

As a Dental Assistant in a pediatric dental office one may expect to do the following:
  • Take X-rays on children of all ages. This can be tricky because the majority of young children are frightened of the dentist and often cry. Parents can often hold the child in their lap and coax them through the x-ray process. As an assistant you must learn soothing terminology and use words that children can understand such as calling the x-ray a photo and the x-ray tube the camera.
  • Complete tooth cleanings and flossing on many children throughout each work day. This task can be easily done with the newer offices installing televisions above the dental chairs as a distraction or offering kids prizes if they let us "tickle their teeth with our toothbrush." Many kids are frightened of the prophy angle and most are calmed down by touching the rubber end and tickling their finger with it as it spins. Once the fear is gone, they often open their mouths wide and look forward to prizes at the end of their visits.
  • Assist the dentist in daily dental procedures such as fillings, extractions, numbing injections, or tooth sealants. This will also require calming terminology such as "sleepy water" for the injections or "tooth bugs" when talking about cavities. Laughing gas can become a very necessary item to use on many children who need dental work done. The dentist will require you to be fast when handing him instruments or mixing cements or amalgam fillings.
  • Chart each procedure, condition, treatment, or clinical note in each child's file for accurate processing and use. Many offices use computer dental charting software instead of the written paperwork that has been so common. An Assistant must have knowledge of the dental system including how to navigate each page, chart correctly in the files, write clinical notes, schedule appointments, and discuss treatment listed to a parent or guardian.
At Practical Dental Assisting of Utah, our school teaches each student the necessary skills and tools needed in each and every profession. Internships at Pediatric and other specialty offices are highly encouraged. We offer 10 week courses with classes on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate busy Moms or Full-time workers. Check out our website or call us today for a free tour!


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